150 whales stranded on WA beach

A SHARK warning has been issued for Hamelin Bay in Western Australia after dozens of pilot whale carcasses were washed up ashore.

More than 150 whales washed up on the WA beach early this morning. Most of the animals have died after beaching themselves but some remain alive.

The carcasses were reported by a commercial fisherman at 6am Friday, lying approximately 1km north of the Hamelin Bay boat ramp near the town of Augusta.

According to the Department of Fisheries, some of the whales are still alive but most of them are dead on the shore.

Authorities have warned that the animals’ bodies will act as an attractant, which could lead to sharks coming close in to shore.

Parks and Wildlife Service staff are on-site and vets will assess the health of the surviving animals so authorities can return them to deeper water.

“The strength of the animals and the windy and possibly wet weather conditions will affect when and where we attempt to move them out to sea,” incident controller Jeremy …

Read the full article at: http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/mass-whale-stranding-in-hamelin-bay-prompts-shark-alert/news-story/22afa2d178b85f05abcfc74a6e5e480f

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