AFL star: ’We have a duty to each other’

Hawks star Taylor Duryea says some players are turning off social media because of negative comments. Picture: AAP/Joe Castro

SOME AFL players are switching off social media in a bid to stop negative comments impacting on their wellbeing.

While four footballers have taken time off or retired due to mental health issues in the past two months, Hawthorn star Taylor Duryea says players are becoming more comfortable speaking out.


Part of that conversation was about social media and how the public’s unfiltered access to a player could have an effect.

“It’s hard because fans want to interact with players but there are (negative comments),” the 26-year-old said.

Jarrod Sierocki

Duryea has become a Hawks mental health ambassador, driven for change by the loss of a friend and family experiences of illness. Picture: AAP Image/Joe CastroSource:Supplied

“There are certainly guys that don’t have social media for those exact reasons.”

The focus will return to m…

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