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Alcohol laws are enough to drive you to drink

THANKS to high taxes and ridiculous nanny state laws, alcohol in Queensland is now believed to cost more than illicit drugs.

That’s right, some pub and nightclub owners believe it is now cheaper for people to stock up on pills instead of drinking at a supervised venue.

As the cost of a rum and cola hits $9 at many late-night venues, it’s not only the punters who are up in arms, it’s also the publicans forced to endure constant fines and threats from Liquor Licensing officers.

Jarrod Sierocki

Drink laws are to tough.Source:Supplied

One of the political parties needs to promise to rein in the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, and implement harsh penalties for those who break the law while drinking.

How about if you get into fights, abuse coppers, assault taxi drivers and smash windows when you drink, you’re banned from going to any licensed venue in the state?

A “three strikes” rule would work, and that way pubs wouldn’t need so much regulation, law-abiding people could go out till 5am,…

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