ALDI’s tough stance on alcohol

Hands off kids: Licensees face huge penalties if alcohol gets into the hands of minors. Picture: News Corp

ITS called responsible service of alcohol and when it comes to supplying it to minors, supermarket giant ALDI and some bottle shops are leaving nothing to chance when enforcing it.

In the Shoalhaven area of the NSW South Coast, some stores have refused service to adults whose kids have even touched the stuff before it’s reached the checkout.

In a recent post on the Shoalhaven news Facebook group, one member recounted her experience on Saturday at an ALDI store where a woman buying her groceries and a bottle of gin was told by the cashier she could not sell her the alcohol because her teenage son had touched it.

“Her son was with her, who looked about 15 and he picked the bottle up to move it to the front of the shopping, I assume so it wouldn’t fall over,” Jennifer Marie posted.

“The cashier turned to the other cashier and spoke with her. She then turned back to the lady w…

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