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Amazon exec: ‘You will love my d***’

“YOU will love my d***”.

An Amazon executive has reportedly been suspended after a lesbian producer of one of Amazon Studio’s top-rating shows outlined shocking allegations of sexual harassment against him at a high-end hotel.

The claims include boasting about his penis and screaming “anal sex” in her ear in front of other executives at an Amazon afterparty.

Even David E. Kelley, creator of Big Little Lies and Ally McBeal, said he would never work with Amazon “until their entertainment house is put in order.”

It comes as Hollywood reels over the alleged rape and sexual harassment claims against one of its former top-dog producers, Harvey Weinstein.

Isa Hackett is an executive producer on The Man in the High Castle, one of Amazon’s highest-profile TV shows, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Hackett was attending Comic-Con in San Diego in 2015 when she says she found herself in an altercation with Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios.

Price’s father, Frank, previously ran Co…

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