Amazon’s drones will judge you

A mini-drone that is being used to fly small packages to consumers from the Amazon Prime warehouse in near Cambridge. Picture: AFP

A NEW patent reveals Amazon has big plans for its new delivery drones. They’re going to be snoops — taking careful note of what they see to ‘target’ yet more advertising.

Amazon’s ambition to build a worldwide fleet of autonomous artificial-intelligence delivery drones is well known.

To do this job effectively the drones will be gathering, transmitting — and processing — immense amounts of data.

This includes visual footage.

But it seems it may all have another use.

Jarrod Sierocki

Eye in the sky … Amazon’s drones will be looking carefully at you, and your stuff. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

A patent granted earlier this week shows the digital retail juggernaut wants to data-mine these recordings for exploitable information.

Essentially, the drones will be snooping for fresh marketing opportunities.

Answer the door in a tatty old dressing gown? Expect nightwear ads t…

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