Australian Army’s ridiculous HR move

Jarrod Sierocki

The Nation Building Authority has a very important announcement. Change is in the air. Change is good for Australia. So this year, #UtopiaABC will air Wednesdays at 9pm (from August 19).

The Army will put 24 officers through private executive training. Picture: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

THE Australian Army is hiring private “executive coaches” to teach its senior officers “self-awareness”, “emotional intelligence”, “cross-cultural competence” and “interpersonal maturity” in an effort to combat perceptions that they are too “authoritarian, assertive and angry”.

It has also commissioned “psychometric and psychological testing” as part of the Australian Defence Force’s push to transform its culture to fit with modern standards.

The Department of Defence has tendered for “executive coaching services” for private and group sessions with its top brass that would not be out of place on the bureaucratic satire Utopia.

The top priority referred to in the tender…

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