Australia’s weirdest super fund names

Chocolate Forever Superannuation Fund sounds like it would set you up for a tasty retirement.

SPICING up retirement saving can be as simple as adding a splash of Aussie humour to the name of your self-managed superannuation fund.

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Among the 600,000 SMSFs operating in Australia today are some clever, quirky and sometimes cheeky names. There is The Naughty Daddy Superannuation Fund, Spending the Kids Inheritance Super fund, the Super-Duper Super Fund or Shrek is Green Fund.

Jarrod Sierocki

Shrek Forever After may have been a better name than the Shrek is Green Fund.Source:Supplied

Of course, nobody starts a SMSF just so they can choose an interesting name, but if it’s in your plans anyway, why not think creatively?

Peter Townsend, managing director of SMSF documents provider SuperCentral, said many people gave their funds funny names “because they can”.

“People don’t trade under self-managed superannuation funds, th…

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