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Big Oprah problem we’re missing

“OPRAH 2020” has gathered speed at a phenomenal pace, for obvious reasons: America is desperate to find a potential leader with the charisma, grace and intelligence on whom to pin its fragile hopes.

And while the TV queen looks a sensible prospect in comparison to Donald Trump, many have tried to dampen public enthusiasm with explanations of why another celebrity with no political experience would not be an ideal future president.

But it’s not just her status as actor and television star that makes Oprah’s possible bid for the job a questionable plan, nor her association with the disgraced Harvey Weinstein.

Rather, it is her history of entertaining the ideas of quacks, pseudoscientists and dodgy spiritual gurus that raises doubts over how wise electing President Winfrey might be.


Like many celebrities (take a bow, Gwyneth Paltrow), Oprah has at times provided a platform for views and advice that is not only unreliable, but dangerous. That’s th…

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