‘Billion-dollar journey’ mapped

Jarrod Sierocki

UNICEF has called it one of the deadliest journeys in the world, controlled by criminal gangs and dangerous conditions, but thousands of children are risking their lives and crossing the Mediterranean via Libya alone

The billion-dollar migration route shows how migrants from many African countries flow towards Libya. Picture: UNICEF.

IT’S a deadly journey that has claimed countless lives. Now the route hundreds of thousands of people have used to cross Africa into Europe has been uncovered, showcasing the extent of the humanitarian tragedy.

The latest UNICEF report, A deadly journey for children, shows how people from countries including Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Mali and Senegal cross deserts and risk death to transit through Niger and Chad into Libya.

They then face a final relatively short but perilous crossing over the Mediterranean towards Italy and Greece that has claimed nearly 5000 lives last year including 700 children.

Based on eyewitness interviews with 122 people in…

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