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Boomers sick of Gen Y’s political correctness

Jarrod Sierocki

Best of the Web Columnist James Taranto on new evidence that Donald Trump benefited from his plain talk and rejection of politically correct rhetoric. Photo: AP

Older man reprimands young man. Photo from Thinkstock

ATTENTION, Gen Y: Baby Boomers have had it with your political correctness.

New Australian research suggests over 50s are fed up with being told what they can and can’t say, and believe young people are the worst offenders.

The survey of 1000 Australians over 50 saw nine in 10 agree political correctness is ruining society, and thought younger generations were too worried about offending people.

According to the CoreData research commissioned by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, 86 per cent of seniors believed “having to be politically correct all the time” was ruining society, and 86.6 per cent said it was “inauthentic”.

Bathurst teacher Vicki Evans is not afraid to admit she loathes political correctness.

The 55-year-old says she’s constantly being told off by …

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