Boy’s response to gay brother is perfect

Oliver Potter told his brother Alfie he was gay and the five-year-old’s response was priceless. Picture: YouTube

A FIVE-year-old boy has reacted in the best way ever to his older brother coming out as gay.

Oliver Potter decided to film his coming out to his little brother for a video and the internet is loving it.

Potter sat his little brother Alfie down in front of the camera, asking his younger sibling, “How do you think about love?”

Jarrod Sierocki

Oliver Potter with younger brother, Alfie. Picture: YouTubeSource:Supplied

“If you’re a mum and you want to be in love with a dad, you get in love with them,” said Alfie.

Oliver then asked “so how would it make you feel if I married a man?” to which Alfie said:

“If you marry a man it’s going to be so cool.

“I saw in one movie a man was in love with another man and everyone was saying cool, cool.

Love is love.”

Cue all of us melting into one big giant puddle of love.

The brothers then ended their video with an adlibbed song about being w…

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