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Can you pass the test Trump had to sit

MUCH has been made of President Donald Trump’s allegedly deteriorating mental health.

So some may have been surprised to hear that the world’s most powerful septuagenarian scored 100 per cent on an internationally recognised test for cognitive ability.

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) was created in 1996 as a screening tool for mild cognitive dysfunction, including early onset Alzheimer’s. It assesses concentration, attention, memory, language, calculations, orientation, executive functions and visual skills.

A variant of the test is available for illiterate subjects or those with a lower standard of education. It comprises 30 points and take 10 minutes to complete.

A normal score is considered to be 26 and above. Anyone scoring lower than 26 would require further investigation of their cognitive skills.

The average score is 27.4. Those with a mild cognitive impairment score an average of 22.1 while Alzheimer’s patients tend to score around 16.

President Trump scored a per…

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