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Card skimming device found at ATM

A card skimming device was found at a Prospect ATM.

POLICE are urging people to be vigilant when using ATMs after a card skimming device was found attached to a machine at Prospect.

Staff reported the device to police after noticing it was attached to their bank’s ATM at the North Park Shopping Centre, on Main North Rd, at 2.30pm.

Police removed the device and were investigating the matter.

It follows a similar incident in May, when a card skimming device being found attached to an ATM at Blackwood.

Police warned to public to avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud by using ATMs located inside banks, which tend to be harder for people to target.

People should always cover the key pad when entering their PIN and if there is a loose fitting card slot or plastic bar, inform the bank immediately.

Anyone with information about this matter is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at

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