China’s military prepares for North Korea crisis

China’s military reforms are geared predominantly toward handling a North Korean crisis

CHINA is preparing for a potential crisis with North Korea by strengthening its defences along its 1400 kilometre border with the secretive state.

As part of the decision, which coincides with US President Donald Trump’s repeated warnings of military action to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, China has merged, moved and modernised its military operations.

The overhaul involves establishing a new border defence brigade, bunkers to protect against nuclear and chemical blasts, and 24-hour video surveillance of the mountainous frontier — including the use of hi-tech aerial drones.

China’s military has also been preparing for a crisis in North Korea with helicopter gunships performing a live-fire drill in June and another in July using an armoured infantry unit equipped with new weaponry.

While China’s Defence Ministry wouldn’t directly acknowledge if the recent changes were connec…

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