Christians support gay marriage: poll

Jarrod Sierocki

(Network version) With the marriage equality debate rearing its head again, it’s time to look at where Australia stands on the issue and where we, as a nation, stand amongst the rest of the world. Our data also gives a clear picture of how government and religion affects the issue.

Christians support changes to same-sex marriage laws, according to a new poll. Picture: AFP

AUSTRALIAN Christians support same-sex nuptials and don’t want any marriage equality reforms to include extra discrimination clauses, according to a revealing new poll.

According to the Galaxy Research poll which questioned 1000 people on the issue, 54 per cent of Australian Christians support marriage equality.

The questionnaire found 49 per cent of those who identified as being Christian opposed civil celebrants being able to refuse to services to same sex couples on the basis of “conscientious belief”.

Christian Millenials surveyed opposed the right to refuse services by 56 per cent, while 31 per cent supporte…

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