Couple avoids rent for 6 years

New York, expensive for some.

THIS couple found a way to make living in New York affordable: just stop paying rent.

Digital content producers Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse have not paid a cent for their Chelsea loft in more than six years, relying on a bizarre law to back their claim that they shouldn’t have to, the New York Post reports.

According to legal documents, the pair quit paying the $6504.34 ($US4,754.02) monthly rent on their West 26th Street place back in 2010, according to a lawsuit.

They owe $560,952 ($US410,000) in rent and electric charges, their landlord claims.

Theirs is the only residential loft in the nine-story building, where other units house art galleries or businesses.

The couple were month-to-month tenants before June 2010, when the state of New York expanded the Loft Law, which is intended to protect people whose apartments are in mostly commercial or industrial buildings.

Mr Bennett and Ms Nourse, who have two children and run a video content company call…

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Couple avoids rent for 6 years