Couple shot at swingers party sue police

Dale Ewins, 35, and Zita Sukys, 37, were shot by police at the Inflation Nightclub in King Street, Melbourne. Picture: Seven News

A COUPLE dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn plan to sue police after they were shot at a swingers party in Melbourne.

Earlier this month Dale Ewins and Zita Sukys attended a Saints and Sinners ball at the Inflation nightclub, and were shot when police stormed the venue after reports a man had a gun on an upstairs floor.

Police said they received multiple reports that a man was armed, but there were other reports it was actually a toy gun.

“We understand that prior to the attack, staff at the venue repeatedly told Victoria Police that the ‘gun’ was a toy. We understand some staff offered to simply obtain the toy themselves to safely resolve the situation,” he said.

“In response, it appears Victoria Pol…

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