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Customer’s epic win in bill battle

Jarrod Sierocki

Australian homes got a massive price hike for gas and electricity in July and things look to get ever worse. What’s causing the rise in our power bills and is there anything being done about it?

A $819.47 gas bill proved a shock for a Wagga Wagga resident.

WHEN Lucy* got a gas bill for $819 she couldn’t believe her eyes — it was almost 180 per cent higher than last year, jumping from $293.

Lucy’s bill showed her gas usage during the same time last year had jumped 150 per cent from 90.01 MJ to 351.75 MJ.

But the Wagga Wagga resident found this unbelievable as during this period her sister had been on holidays for five weeks and not living in the house. Lucy had also been getting dinner supplied elsewhere and was not cooking at home much so her usage should have dropped.

She told she contacted Origin after receiving the inflated bill and was told it was based on an estimated reading.

Gas companies have been under fire for basing bills on estimates — which are used gener…

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