Dad loses both legs after breathing in fumes

Queensland man Jason Reynoldson pictured with his wife Tanaya and children Jasmin and Taj before his tragic accident.

IT was an tragedy which changed Jason Reynoldson’s life forever.

The 38-year-old was left unconscious in the space of just minutes in a shed filled with undetectable toxic gas, knocking him unconscious.

The damage had spread to his entire body and doctors were forced to choose between his legs or his life.

The Sunshine Coast man had been working on restoring on an old caravan and left a generator charging in his shed while he went fishing on July 6.

With his wife Tanaya and children Jasmin (11) and Taj (8) away in Brisbane for a netball tournament, the father-of-two chose to stay behind for work.

Later that night he went to work on an old caravan he had been restoring and walked into the shed to get the generator.

It was only after he didn’t turn up for work the next morning with his father, that his stepmother called to check on him and found him lying unconscious.

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