Dastyari must consider future: Labor MP

A LABOR frontbencher says embattled senator Sam Dastyari must now consider whether he can stay in parliament amid new revelations about his interventions on behalf of Chinese interests.

Linda Burney — who, like Senator Dastyari, comes from NSW — says the party’s leader took decisive action in sacking the senator from parliamentary leadership positions.

“In relation to the continued role of Sam within the parliament, that is a matter I think very much for Sam,” she told Sky News today.

“Sam Dastyari, I’m sure is thinking very deeply about his role within the party.”

Former prime minister Tony Abbott told 2GB today his tip that Senator Dastyari will resign this Sunday after the Bennelong by-election.

“Insiders in the Labor Party have given up on him, they are doing a series of inside jobs on him now,” he said.

Immigration minister Peter Dutton has also hit-out at Senator Dastyari during a counter-terrorism forum, calling on him to “go” and urged Bill Shorten to “s…

Read the full article at: http://www.news.com.au/national/politics/thinking-very-deeply-about-his-role-sam-dastyari-must-consider-future-says-labor-mp/news-story/18d8987c06ce2426d17b2c323f476459

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