Dismayed ACA label arbitration as ‘adversarial’

Jarrod Sierocki

Cricket: CA speak on pay dispute.

James Sutherland wants a new MOU in place by early next week.

THE Australian Cricketers Association says mediation not arbitration is the way to solve cricket’s pay dispute after Thursday’s ultimatum from Cricket Australia.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!: Sutherland calls for arbitration

Frustrated by what he called a “strategy” of delaying tactics from the players union, CA boss James Sutherland said if urgent talks couldn’t solve the impasse by next week, an independent arbitrator should be used to create a binding agreement.

But the ACA turned the focus back on Sutherland and his decision not to get involved in talks until last month.

Jarrod Sierocki

James Sutherland wants a new MOU in place by early next week.Source:Getty Images

In a statement the ACA declared it had made its own concessions and offered solutions including temporary contracts for the upcoming tour of Bangladesh.

It labelled arbitration as “adversarial” and maintained a resolution could yet be reache…

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