Doctor’s victory over Big Tobacco

Jarrod Sierocki

Dr Bronwyn King’s campaign to make Australian investment funds tobacco free.

Radiation oncologist and tobacco-free advocate Bronwyn King. Picture: Tim Mullane

IN her first job in her chosen profession, this young Australian spent her days watching people die as she tried to save them.

The experience left its mark on her by instilling some deeply held principles.

So you may imagine Bronwyn King’s horror when she found out she was funding the very industry that was responsible for those deaths.

Dr King is a radiation oncologist, who started out working in a lung cancer ward at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. “Most of my patients were smokers or ex-smokers and despite us offering a high level of care, most of my patients died,” she told “For a junior doctor hoping to make an impact, it was just devastating.”

Ten years after that first terrible awakening, Dr King went to meet a representative from her super fund to discuss buying a home, and stumbled upon…

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