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Drug raid ‘Santa’ video goes viral

The undercover policeman dressed as Santa collars a suspected drug dealer in the Peruvian capital of Lima. Picture: Supplied.

VIDEO of an undercover police officer carrying out a drug raid disguised as Santa Claus has gone viral.

The drug cop, who works for police in the Peruvian capital of Lima, took part in an organised raid staged by narcotics detectives on a residence suspected of being a dealers den.

The undercover sting operation at the home of suspected drug traffickers caught on video shows an officer dressed in a padded Santa suit to confuse the suspects preparing to enter a premises.

In the footage, the officer who is wearing a Santa mask and red cap, uses a sledgehammer to break down the door.

“Santa” and his fellow officers then proceed to round up a group of young men inside the house.

The suspected drug dealers are then handcuffed and led from the house to be taken away and questioned.

Lima police chief Jorge Angulo told America TV that the operation was carried out to he…

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