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Eerie YouTube video before uni shooting

A POLICE officer has been killed at Texas Tech University, a little over a year after the school legalised Senate Bill 11 — a controversial law that allows students, with a license to carry, to carry guns into buildings on campus.

The law, which came into effect on August 1, 2016, made it legal for students at public universities to carry concealed weapons with them. While Texas state law has allowed licensed gun owners to carry weapons on campus grounds since 1995, the new bill allowed them to be brought into buildings.

In an interview with the Denton Record-Chronicle on September 30, Ed Reynolds, Chief of the University of North Texas Police Department said there “had been no incidents” with the new law.

“We have had no incidents since the law passed or since the law went into effect of criminal acts by license-to-carry holders,” he said.

“We have had cases that involved weapons on campus, but the individuals that were carrying were not license-to-carry holders,” he adde…

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