Elephant tramples handler; ‘destroyed’

Jarrod Sierocki

Three in four elephants in tourist entertainment venues across Asia are living in poor, unacceptable welfare conditions.

The elephant charged at Kufandada as he was preparing to move the animal into his pen.

THE elephant rides at Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe are advertised as a “unique opportunity to get close to these giants” but for one handler this popular tourist attraction turned into a nightmare that cost him his life.

Enock Kufandada was an elephant handler for tourist company Adventure Zone and was preparing to move Mbanje the elephant into his paddock when he charged and trampled the 50-year-old man to death.

Jarrod Sierocki

Mbanje (not pictured), the 30-year-old elephant, was shot to death after the attack.Source:Getty Images

A witness, who wished to remain nameless, told Zimbabwe newspaper Newsdaythat he didn’t see the attack happen but he heard it and saw the bloody aftermath.

“I heard him screaming and crying for help, but it was just for seconds. I then rushed to check…

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