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Emotional moment sex slave realises she’s free

Mosul is now surrounded by huge camps set up for people who’ve escaped living under Islamic State. Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

BACK in 2014 the world watched in horror as the Yazidi people fled their Mount Sinjar homeland as a Islamic State took hold.

Those who got out were the lucky ones.

The terror group was attempting to wipe them out, a population of around half a million people based in Northern Iraq who followed their own religion.

In the battle that followed, thousands of women and children were captured and offered to soldiers as slaves, the so-called ‘spoils of war’.

While the region itself was liberated from Islamic State in November 2015, those captured by the soldiers at the time were still being held.

But with the recent liberation of Western Mosul — the last Islamic State stronghold in Iraq — the slaves who survived, some of them still children, are being reunited with their families.

But their captors stole much more than three years of their lives.

As the New …

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