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From truckie to vodka millionaire

Marko Pavasovic has gone from a truck driver to a vodka king. Picture: Alex Coppel.

MARKO Pavasovic was joking with his mate in his Gold Coast home about a crazy idea.

They were talking about how there is no alcoholic drink for people who were health conscious and they discussed a dream liquid with no sugar, carbohydrates but with electrolytes to also stop hangovers.

As they sat and laughed about how good it would be, they had a light-bulb moment and thought it was something they could maybe turn into a reality.

They turned their crazy idea into a garage start-up and now it has grown into a $3 million venture. Mr Pavasovic and his mate-turned-business partner Dave Nelson threw in the towel on their careers in 2014 and made their new company their focus.

Mr Pavasovic worked as a truck driver, living a life on the road. He would wake up a 4am every day and work until midday.

He’d then have a three hour nap before going to his second job as a personal trainer.

His exhausting routine was on…

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