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Greg Norman should be a Ninja Warrior

Jarrod Sierocki

Greg Norman flies to Townsville and takes a tour of the Rowes Bay Golf Club where his mother was the first ladies champion

Check out the biceps on that man.

AUSTRALIA, we need to talk about Greg Norman’s Instagram.

Take a brief scroll down Norman’s page and you’ll see nudity, horse sex and the most ripped 62-year-old on the planet (we think). And Norman wants us to know it.

Why else would he pose nude in the Colorado wilderness, looking back at the camera with the mischievous grin of a schoolboy who’s just convinced his teacher the dog actually did eat his homework?

Greg Norman stars in: The Shark, au naturel.

Ah right, sorry Greg. You got your kit off because you’d spent two days “in the saddle” and bathing options were limited. Thank God among the prehistoric land of no baths and showers you were still able to get phone reception.

Now let’s take a closer look at that saddle of yours. We’ve got to admit, the shots of Norman perched atop his trusty steed are pretty impre…

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