Homophobic flyers compare rainbow to swastika

Homophobic flyers have been stuffed into letterboxes throughout St Kilda.

HOMOPHOBIC flyers likening the rainbow flag to the swastika have been stuffed into letterboxes throughout St Kilda in Melbourne’s southeast.

The flyers’ claims that “state propaganda has morphed from Nazi political perversion into perverted gay activism for abnormal marriage equality” have been slammed by a leading civil rights organisation as “repulsive slurs”.

“The flags of the perverted rainbow are now emblazoned not just on city council offices, public walkways and in public parades but on churches as well; for the same reasons the perverted cross (the swastika) was paraded en-mass in pre-war Germany,” The Death of Reason and the Rainbow Walk To Insanity flyer states.

The flyer comes a week after racist posters calling for prominent Muslim Australians Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Waleed Aly to be deported were displayed around Sydney.

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