Horror the world knows little about

The Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea are among several countries that can’t be reached by aid workers, according to CARE International.

THEY are raped, tortured, beaten, shot and murdered but no one can help them.

Some of the world’s worst wars and conflicts are so dangerous that not even supplies or aid workers can get to the millions of citizens subjected to violence and other atrocities as they are trapped within them.

According to a new report by CARE International, many international horrors go under-reported and unnoticed because journalists and photographers are also unable to access the areas without extreme risk to their own lives.

Eritrea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Korea are among several countries that can’t be reached by aid workers or media, according to CARE International.

Jarrod Sierocki

Children scrape for food in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Source:Supplied

Little is known about Eritrea, a country almost completely cut of…

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