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How a daggy item made me $250K

Queensland mum Simone Taylor launched her label Louvelle in 2014. Picture: Supplied

WHEN Simone Taylor had her first baby, she knew something had to give.

She had a successful corporate career (she consulted for PricewaterhouseCoopers then worked for a top advertising agency in London before moving back home to Queensland), but after her child was born, she knew she wanted to start her own business so that she could have the flexibility to work part time — something that just wasn’t possible for her in the corporate world.

Jarrod Sierocki

Simone Taylor wanted to start her own business so she could have a better work/life balance.Source:Supplied

Her business idea came to her where so many great brainwaves occur: in the shower.

“I’ve always needed to wear shower caps to prevent frizz from moisture in the shower and like most women I would wear the puffy bonnet shower cap because I didn’t have time to wash and style everyday,” she explains from her home in Ascot, Queensland.

“I was in the show…

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