How Australia is saving Macca’s

Jarrod Sierocki

This McDonalds advertisement is at the centre of an ABS complaint.

Posh burgers are the reason behind Macca’s new found success. AFP PHOTO / Paul J. RICHARDS

INNOVATIONS fast food giant McDonald’s road tested in Australia have proved so popular they’re being cited as one of the key reasons behind a startling turnaround in the company’s global fortunes.

After suffering falling sales, the US chain announced on Tuesday that in the six months to the end of June sales shot up by 6.6 per cent in established stores globally and 3.9 per cent in its home market.

The US result was the company’s best for five years while the UK, Canada, Germany and China were also standout markets.

Jarrod Sierocki

The company’s sales have surged globally. Picture: AFP.Source:AFP

It’s not healthy options like salads that are exciting people, nor is it the Big Mac special sauce. It’s actually a bunch of new posh burgers, many of which made an early appearance in Australia, that everyone’s devouring.

The country has…

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