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How is this a four-star B&B?

Jarrod Sierocki

Frequent flyer and blogger Max Prosperi tweeted a video of a toothpaste-delivering robot he encountered while staying in a Miami hotel on June 24. The video shows a cylindrical robot standing before a man, presumably Prosperi, who removes toothpaste and a toothbrush from an opening on its top before following instructions on a touchscreen that then sends the robot on its way. Prosperi shared an article about the robot, called it Botlr, in which he explained that it relies on a map of the hotel, which is stored digitally within, to maneuver through the building. A longer version of the video is included below. Credit: Twitter/Max Prosperi via Storyful

THESE shocking pictures give a glimpse inside the filthy slammed by TripAdvisor users after guests found blood on the walls, slugs on towels and the bathroom unfinished.

It has emerged the owner made his own four star certificate as dozens of guests left stinging reviews of Beverley Guest House in Yorkshire, UK after a less-than-sati…

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