How Nine can fix Footy Show trainwreck

Jarrod Sierocki

AFL: Eddie McGuire explains how his shocking move back to The Footy Show came to be on Fox Footy’s pregame coverage of Adelaide against Geelong.

Guests arriving at the MISS WORLD AUSTRALIA NATIONAL FINAL at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne. Dave Hughes and Deborah Miller. Picture: Tony Gough

CHANNEL Nine has a serious dilemma on its hands as they fight to fix The Footy Show.

The network controversially axed long-time host Craig Hutchison as ratings began to plummet.

Hutchison’s axing means the Footy Show is facing a massive shake-up as former host Eddie McGuire takes the reins.

“We’re not just doing a little change here,” McGuire said over the weekend. “We’re going to bring fun back to football. We’re going to have fun and give it back to the people.

“It’s a fresh start and hopefully we’re going to have the success and fun. That’s the main thing, the fun. We did it for a long time Sam (Newman) and I.

“From this moment I’m dedicated to having the best footy show and bes…

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