How to get a refund on that dodgy purchase

Thousands of shoppers snap up a Boxing Day bargain, but do they know their rights? Picture: Sam Mooy

RETAIL staff have a long list of reasons why they won’t give you that refund.

But, as millions of Australians clear away the wrapping paper after Christmas and New Year’s sales, the consumer watchdog is reminding them of their rights under the consumer law.

And for the thousands who’ve ended up with faulty gadgets, it pays to speak up.

“We are concerned that businesses continue to misrepresent the rights of consumers when they try to return a faulty product,” ACCC acting chair Dr Michael Schaper said.

“We want more people to know about the Australian Consumer Law, and let retailers know you know your rights.”

Under the law, he said, shoppers have automatic guarantee rights that a product will work for a reasonable period of time — regardless of whether it is under warranty.

But it appeared that electronics retailers were still trying to dodge their responsibility. Of the 20,…

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