How to tell if your boss is a psychopath

Jarrod Sierocki

Are you in contact with a Psychopath? A video explaining the signs and red flags that could help you identify a psycho.

Actor Christian Bale as the original psychopath Patrick Bateman in scene from film American Psycho.

“EVERYONE has a psychopath story,” says David Gillespie.

When the author tells people he’s written a new book about psychopaths, every single person regales him with a tale of their own interaction with a toxic colleague, boss, friend, lover or total stranger.

“Every one of those people had been profoundly damaged by the experience and most wanted to share their stories as a warning to others and never speak of it again,” he writes in the opening chapter of Taming Toxic People: The science of identifying and dealing with psychopaths at work and at home, out today.

Gillespie himself has met his fair share of psychopaths, mostly in the workplace.

“I’ve worked with many psychopaths and I found them to be extraordinarily confusing people and to be honest, traum…

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