How women can boost their super

Jarrod Sierocki

David Koch breaks down the factors when it comes to which gender is the better investor

There are several ways for women to play catch up with their superannuation savings

WOMEN are more pessimistic than men about retirement and more than three out of five say they will battle financially after finishing work.

A study by retirement planning firm StatePlus has found that 64 per cent of women say they will struggle to achieve a comfortable retirement lifestyle, with Australia’s wage disparity also working against them.

However, there are several ways for women to boost their savings, super specialists say.

StatePlus head of advice Suzanne Doyle said older women faced financial vulnerability because they generally lived longer than men and had smaller super balances.

Compare superannuation funds

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows the average super balance for women aged 55 to 64 is $180,000, but for men it is $322,000.

Ms Doyle said setting up salary sacrifice with an employer was t…

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