How Zoe lost half her body weight in a year

Zoe Malloy on her wedding day, and the 22-year-old today.

IT WAS daily stops at KFC and late night servings of McDonald’s that caused Zoe Molloy to tip the scales at 104kg at her heaviest.

At just 22-years-old, the young mother-of-two had developed an unhealthy relationship with food â

At her biggest, she was a size 22 — and knew she’d become an bad role model to her young boys.

“I’ve always been pretty big,” Mrs Molloy, who lives in Maryborough, Queensland, told

“During my pregnancy with my first son [who is now 4-years-old], I put on 20 kg. I ate everything!

“When he was born, my weight didn’t change.”

Jarrod Sierocki

Zoe was 104kg at her heaviest on her wedding day.Source:Facebook

Mrs Molloy developed an insatiable hunger for high-calorie foods, especially later in the day and in to the evening.

“I was addicted to KFC and Chinese — I could eat so much of it,” she explained.


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