‘I can plank for four minutes’

Jarrod Sierocki

Lisa Parkes is in training for the worlds toughest assault course on Australian Ninja Warrior. Over 20 years and with 15 different international versions only 7 people have ever finished the course in the time allowed. But Lisa has faced bigger challenges, when a drunk driver hit her car and she was told she’d never walk again. It took 18 months to recover, and now she wants to inspire her children.

Former professional sprinter Katie Williams is one of contestant’s on Nine’s new show Australian Ninja Warrior. Picture: Instagram

KATIE Williams is bloody strong. She can plank for four minutes and support her entire body weight hanging from a bar for five minutes.

If you follow her on Instagram – she has 30,000 followers – it’s impossible not to get lost in a trance while watching videos of her swinging from monkey bars, or upping her body’s lactic acid tolerance on an assault bike.

When she does a set of chin ups, dozens of tanned muscles pulsate wildly across her back.

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