‘I had anxiety’: How to be single

‘I’m more relaxed’. Dorothy Wang let her guard down on Famously Single. Picture: Getty Images

UNAPPROACHABLE, stand-offish and uptight — and that’s by her own admission.

LA-based socialite and former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang used to hate dating but now, she’s changed her mind.

“It’s very easy and very fun to be single in LA. But one of the problems is that everyone in LA is single, so you don’t feel that single, if that makes sense?,” Wang told News Corp Australia.

“There’s always something going on, somewhere to go out. You don’t really feel the void until, like, Sunday, when you have the morning-after hangover.

“And you’re like, ‘I wish I had someone here to order Postmates with me.'”

Known for her Rodeo Drive-style tastes and social lifestyle, Wang, 29, was seriously uncomfortable going on dates as part of E! reality series, Famously Single.

Jarrod Sierocki

Dorothy Wang. Picture: Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

The show’s second series, co-starr…

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