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Ibrahim: ‘I want him out!’

John Ibrahim has opened up about the pop star he couldn’t stand living with.

DURING LATE 2012 an ­­­ex-professional football friend of mine — let’s call him Finny — would sneak up and fake ­attack me at least once a month, ending up in a headlock or bailed up by my guys somewhere. We would then spend the rest of the night ­having a laugh and drinking. Once I ask him, “Finny, why do you always do that?”

“Since football I have missed being manhandled,” is his response. He is the funniest footballer I have ever met.

Now someone who can’t handle the aggro is Brian McFadden, who is being a mentor on Australian Idol. He’s been dropped by the show and has recently broken up with Delta Goodrem. And because I know him through Andrew Hawkins I allow Brian to stay with me for two weeks when he’s between apartments and I’m still waiting for my house to be rebuilt. What starts as a couple of weeks turns into several months, and while I like his company and find him funn…

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