‘I’m not a monster’: Child abuser speaks

NIA Glassie was three years old in 2007 when she was put in a clothes dryer spinning for 30 minutes on a hot setting.

The toddler had been hung on a clothesline and spun around, held over a burning fire, used to practise wrestling moves, folded into a couch and sat upon, shoved into piles of rubbish and cold baths, dragged half naked through a sandpit, thrown at walls and dropped from heights, and had various objects hurled at her.

Oriwa Kemp was one of the people jailed in relation to the abuse.

She was 17 when Nia died and 19 when she was jailed.

What you don’t know about Kemp is her story — the story of how a little girl from Rotorua in New Zealand became part of the killing of another little girl, and why.

For the first time, Kemp has opened up about her life to the NZ Herald.

After appearing in the Herald countless times over the years for her role in Nia’s death, for later offending and for having four of her own children taken by authorities, Kemp wants to speak out.

She says …

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