Incredible feature on Sony’s new camera

The Sony A9 full-frame camera is designed to capture fast-moving subjects.

SONY is the first to admit, when it comes to high-end cameras it was late to the party. But the company has arrived in a big way with its new a9 camera, which was released in Australia on Friday.

The Japanese brand is taking aim at industry heavyweights Canon and Nikon as it attempts to challenge its competitors’ dominance among professional photographers.

To that end, the powerful mirrorless a9 camera boasts some impressive features including a revolutionary image sensor and high-speed processing, giving you the ability to shoot at 20 frames per second.

Technologically speaking, “this is something we haven’t had in the previous line up. This camera is more for fast shooting because that was a space we were missing in,” the head of Digital Imaging for Sony Australia and New Zealand, Vivek Handoo, told

In order to court professional photographers into its ecosystem, Sony believes it needs to e…

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