Inside the crazy Ninja grand finale

Jarrod Sierocki

David Campbell is known as ‘The Godfather’ of American Ninja Warrior. He started out on the Japanese show Sasuke and has competed in every season of American Ninja Warrior and made the final round in Las Vegas in each of the first 7 seasons. A rock climber, he is so dedicated to the television show that he built a full replica of Stage 1 and parts of stages 2 and 3 in his backyard.

Blue Mountains rock climber Ben Cossey is a contestant in Tuesday night’s Australian Ninja Warrior grand finale.

ON Tuesday night 21 competitors will battle it out during the grand final of Australian Ninja Warrior and attempt to be the seventh person ever to complete the course in the show’s 20 year history.

During the 31 series of Ninja Warrior broadcast globally, only six people have managed to successfully complete the course and achieve “Total Victory” — four in Japan and two in the US.

The grand final course is especially tough thanks to the infamous last obstacle, Mount Midoriyama, a 22m ro…

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