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Is this Australia’s most underrated city?

Move over Melbourne and Brisbane, Adelaide has a river too.

ADELAIDE is Australia’s most sneered at city. As I travel the country doing stand up comedy, all too often I hear my native home mocked.

Frequently, and much to my ire, this is done just before I am introduced on stage. For the hoity-toity snobs on the east coast, Adelaide is a byword for backwardness and boredom.

“Adelaide runs on a different timezone to Melbourne. Right now in Melbourne it’s 9:30, but in Adelaide it’s still 1975.”

“South Australia had a massive blackout recently. Luckily, it was in South Australia, so nobody noticed.”

This sort of thing goes on at comedy clubs ad nauseam. It should go without saying, of course, that the stereotype isn’t true.

The proof, if you need it, is that South Australia was recently named as one of the top five must see travel locations in the world by Lonely Planet. The WORLD.

Adelaide also boasts a massive Fringe Festival — the second largest such event in the world, a…

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