‘I’ve grown my career without studying’

Steoh Claire Smith has grown her career without studying — and believes you don’t need to, to be an expert. Picture: Instagram

SHE sells herself as an authority on all things health, wellness and nutrition yet model Steph Claire Smithsays she’s never studied any of the subjects.

And while claiming to be a role model to young women, with more than a million followers on Instagram and a global ambassadorship for Adidas, she’s taken the bizarre step of saying you don’t need to study to be an expert.

Jarrod Sierocki

Smith says you don’t need to study to be an expert in a field. Picture: Sam RuttynSource:News Corp Australia

“I guess I have been lucky I’ve been able to grow my career without it (studying),” Smith told Confidential.

“I would love to keep growing as I have been as a personality … I would love to get into TV eventually. There are different ways in life to make your dreams come true and for getting places.

“Study isn’t everything. Sure there are certain jobs you have to s…

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