Jealousy isn’t a curse, ‘it’s a con’

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is playing the politics of envy, Treasurer Scott Morrison says.

LABOR wants to put the handbrake on successful Aussies as it engages in the politics of envy, Treasurer Scott Morrison has said in pre-emptive strike at the Opposition’s tax policies.

The Treasurer accused Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of producing an economic program based on “the narrow lens of envy”.

Mr Shorten at the weekend is expected to outline tax policies to be promoted under the broad banner of fighting inequality.

“That is a brand of politics that divides and ultimately disappoints the very people it promises to support. Such an approach seeks to chase votes rather than earn them,” Mr Morrison said in a speech to the Australian Industry Group in Adelaide this morning.

“Bill Shorten only thinks you are doing better if someone else is doing worse. It’s a con. This politics, this populist agenda, is always based on someone losing, so long as it’s not Bill Shorten.


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