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Justine’s case could see a cruel end

Jarrod Sierocki

Minneapolis officials will announce changes to body camera policy after Justine Damond was shot by police.

Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, killed in Minneapolis. Picture: Instagram

JUSTINE Damond’s killer cop doesn’t have to talk about why he shot her — but if he wants to keep his job, he will be compelled.

The Star Tribune reports that Officer Mohamed Noor has a constitutional right not to talk with anyone pursuing possible criminal charges in her shooting death.

But if the Minneapolis Police Department opens an internal investigation, the law will force him to talk if he wants to keep working as a police officer.

However, if he gives a statement there’s another cruel twist. It can never be used in a criminal case.

In Minnesota, public employees under internal investigation are now read a Garrity Warning, which says that though they are not legally required to say anything, their employer requires it. If an employee doesn’t cooperate, or lies, they could lose their…

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