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Kakadu’s Twin Falls closed until August

Twin Falls.

ONE of Kakadu’s most popular tourist attractions, Twin Falls, will remain closed until the end of July.

According to the Kakadu National Park road access report, Jim Jim creek is at 0.9m which is not suitable for vehicles to cross.

Kakadu National Park customer experience and destination marketing director Steve Wroe said Twin Falls was closed for people’s safety because of the height of the water at Jim Jim.

Mr Wroe said the attraction was also undergoing site maintenance works.

“We’re putting in infrastructure next week as the creek level has dropped a bit with the intention of opening two weeks from now, if all goes well and we get the final all clear from our rangers,” he said.

Twin Falls Gorge and its falls are normally accessible by 4WD during the dry season.

Twin Falls is a split waterfall which runs 150m down a cliff face and is popular with visitors.

Jim Jim Falls, which is in the same region as Twin Falls, is still open.

However, high cl…

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